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Los Angeles Drug Crime Attorney for Drug Dealing & Possession for Sale Cases

Law Enforcement Agencies, such as the DEA, and criminal courts take a very firm stance of drug crimes. While any drug possession charge can result in harsh punishment, this is particularly true when it comes to cases dealing with possession with the intent to sell (or drug dealing charges).

An individual that is convicted of illegal drug possession of a controlled substance, narcotics, or illegal prescription drugs with the intent to sell them, like selling cocaine, may result in felony punishment with up to 4 years in state prison, followed by long community service terms and probation periods, not to mention hundreds or thousands of dollars in steep fines. Although crime/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=pages concerning marijuana have their own set of penalties under California law, they can also be very harsh consequences. There is a big difference between simple possession and drug manufacturing and dealing charges. Make sure that you have strong and aggressive legal representation like James S. Lochead that has the knowledge and dedication to help you in your drug crime defense case.

Drug Manufacturing

If you have been charged with drug manufacturing, running a meth lab, marijuana cultivation or other such crimes can face serious prosecution. California law enforcement and criminal prosecutors will stop at nothing to get you convicted of the drug crime allegations against you. James S. Lochead understands how crucial it is to have the help of an experience drug crime attorney on your side. At his firm, he defends the client aggressively and does everything possible to prevent the client’s rights and freedom from being infringed upon. Our experienced team has helped clients facing charges for drug dealing and selling, possession, trafficking, DUI and others. James S. Lochead may be able to help you.