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“As a recovering addict, I hope I will never be involved with the legal system again. I know that if I am ever arrested again, I wouldn’t want anybody except Mr. Lochead to represent me. he has been a good friend to me. He is an excellent lawyer who knows the ins and outs of drug cases. Any person with serious legal problems should talk to Mr. Lochead before calling any other attorney. He’s the best!” 

-Alfonzo Castro
Alhambra, CA

“I had four open drug cases in two countries at one time. Everybody told me it would take a miracle to keep me from serving the three to five year prison sentence i was facing. Mr. Lochead was my miracle-worker! He got me into a drug rehab and it changed my life. I have my family and career back and I am enjoying life again. Mr. Lochead knows how to handle drug cases. He really is the best!”

-Robert Myers
Westlake Village, CA

“Mr. Lochead is like Houdini in the court room, my secret weapon. I would be in State Prison right now if it weren’t for him geting me set free. I had a possession for sale case and the District Attorney was firm about wanting tow years in State Prison. Somehow Mr. Lochead convinced the D.A. to give me another chance. He got me ninety days in rehab, instead of two years State Prion.”

-Rob Kappmeyer
Pasadena, CA

“I was going through a crisis and Mr. Lochead helped me make it out. I feel safe knowing that there is an attorney I can run to. I would recommend him to all my friends and neighbors. He’s the greatest attorney. It’s hard to find help when you’re female, alone and don’t know the laws. It was my very first time seeking help from an attorney. Mr. James Lochead will really fight for you. He’s the best ever and he’s my champ!”

-Inez A. Golden
Pasadena, CA

“Mr. Lochead represented my daughter in a very serious criminal case. Although he did an excellent job in the courtroom and got results better than we expected, what separated him from other attorneys I have dealt with in the past, was his compassion and caring outside the courtroom. Anybody that has Mr. Lochead as their attorney is, in my opinion, very fortunate indeed.”

-Tricia Cleary
Culver City, CA